Quantum Information Processing and Quantum Communications

Topics in quantum channels

aula 201 - Mercoledì 17 marzo ore 14.00/17.00
aula 326 - Giovedì 18 marzo ore 11.00-13.00
aula 326 - Venerdì 19 marzo ore 14.00-17.00
aula 201 - Mercoledì 24 marzo ore 14.00-17.00
aula 326 - Giovedì 25 marzo ore 10.00-13.00
aula 326 - Venerdì 26 marzo ore 14.00-17.00
  MARY BETH RUSKAI, Tufts University

>VITAE: Mary Beth Ruskai worked at MIT from 1973 to 76 with Elliott Lieb, with whom she proved the strong subadditivity of quantum entropy. After she was assistant professor in mathematics at the University of Oregon and, then from 1977
at the University of Massachusetts Lowell where
she is now an emerita. She is currently a Research Professor in the Department of Mathematics at Tufts University.

Mary Beth Ruskai
  The first week will be devoted to mathematical properties of important quantities which arise in quantum information theory, such as quantum entropy. Related topics in operator inequalities and convexity will be discussed. The second week will consider recent developments about additivity questions for quantum channels, including the equivalence of additivity of minimal output entropy, additivity of Holevo capacity, additivity of entanglement of formation for tensor products and superadditivity of entanglement of formation. In particular, a complete proof of the strong subadditivity of entropy will be presented, following the strategy in J. Math. Phys., 43, pp. 4358-4375 (2002), which does not require the long proof of Lieb's theorem of Appendix 6 of Nielsen and Chuang.