Quantum Information Processing and Quantum Communications

Maximally entangled mixed states: creation and characterization

Aula A106, Giovedì 11 dicembre ore 15
  Prof. PAOLO MATALONI, Università La Sapienza di Roma

>VITAE: Paolo Mataloni is full professor at the Physics Department of the University of Rome, where he teaches Experimental Physics and Nonlinear Optics since 1992 and conducts experiments on quantum interferometry and quantum information with photons. Visiting scientist at MIT, Cambridge, Paolo Mataloni previously worked on nonlinear optics and ultrafast spectroscopy. Later on he conducted experiments on cavity QED with planar microcavities and microlasers. His present field of interest is related to the gene-ration of entangled photon states by spontaneous parametric down conversion, detection and characterization of entanglement, creation of generalized mixed entangled photon states.

Paolo Mataloni
  Maximally entangled mixed states (MEMS), including entangled pure states and Werner states, are created by a universal parametric source of entanglement which has been developed in Rome. Mixed states of any structure, spanning a 2x2 Hilbert space may be created by this source. The results concerning the detection of entanglement by the entanglement witness method as well the characterization and investigation of the nonlocal properties of all these states are presented. Future perspectives are also discussed.