Workshop on

Quantum Mechanics: Axiomatics of Measurements and connections with Computing and Information Retrieval

Quantum feedback control of entanglement

  STEFANO MANCINI, Università di Camerino, Italy

Stefano Mancini earned the Doctorate in Physics from the University of Perugia in 1998. After three years as postdoc at the University of Milan he became lecturer of Quantum Information at University of Camerino. Since 2004 he has a long term position as researcher of theoretical physics at University of Camerino. He has published more than 100 papers in leading international journals and he has been editor of two journal special issues and coauhtor of a textbook. He has been visitors of several foreign Institutions and has attended as speaker more than 30 international conferences. He has been member of organizing committees of six international meetings. His main interests are in quantum information theory, foundations of quantum mechanics, and quantum optics.

Stefano Mancini
  We show that finding the optimal measurement on the environment for stationary Linear Quadratic Gaussian control problems is a semi-definite program. We apply this technique to the control of the entanglement between two bosonic modes interacting via a parametric Hamiltonian at steady state.
The optimal measurement turns out to be nonlocal.
We also find the optimal local measurement and control technique.