Quantum Measurements and Operations for Criptography and Information Processing

Nonlocality without inequalities for almost all entangled states of any quantum system

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  GIANCARLO GHIRARDI, University of Trieste

> VITAE: Giancarlo Ghirardi is full professor of Quantum Mechanics at the University of Trieste, and is a worldwide known expert of quantum measurements and foundations of quantum mechanics. Visiting professor in many universities abroad, research associate of CNRN, Ispra, EURATOM, and INFN, and previously director of the Institute of Theoretical Physics of the University of Trieste, he is engaged in many activities of research and promotion of research and culture at the international level, in physics, philosophy, and logic, including being the founder and president of the Italian Society for the Foundations of Physics. Author of the popular book on quantum mechanics: "Un'occhiata alle carte di Dio''.

Giancarlo Ghirardi
  It is shown that it is possible to rule out all local and stochastic hidden variable theories accounting for the quantum predictions implied by almost any entangled state of any number of particles whose Hilbert spaces have arbitrary dimensions, without resorting to Bell's type inequalities. The proof is the most general proof of nonlocality without inequalities which has been presented up to now, to our knowledge.
Its generality stems from the fact that it deals with stochastic hidden variable theories of which the deterministic ones are only a particular case, it works for almost all entangled states, it makes use of the mathematically precise notion of Bell locality and, finally it involves only simple set theoretical arguments.