Quantum Information Processing and Quantum Communications

Correlated Imaging, quantum vs classical

Aula 326, Lunedì 1 marzo ore 15.30
  ALESSANDRA GATTI , University of Insubria Como

>VITAE: Alessandra Gatti received her PhD
in Physics in 1997 at University of Milano. In 1999 she obtained a permanent position of Researcher of Istituto Nazionale per la Fisica della Materia (INFM). Since 2000 she is a member of the INFM Research Unit of Como located at Dipartimento di Fisica e Matematica of University of Insubria. Her research activity is in the field of Quantum Optics and she contributed especially to the
investigation of the quantum aspects of nonlinear optical patterns and to the study of quantum entanglement in optical systems at a macroscopic level. Her studies contrivuted to establishing the field which is now commonly called Quantum Imaging.

Alessandra Gatti
  The technique of Entangled Imaging, first formulated by Klyshko,
has attracted a lot of attention in the recent years. It allows to obtain for example the image of an object or the intensity distribution of its Fourier transform (diffraction pattern), with a degree of flexibility superior to the standard imaging techniques.
The basis of this technique is to have two spatially entangled beams.
We focus on the case in which they have a large number of photons per pulse, and we show both analytically and numerically that in this regime the imaging performances of the entangled source can be emulated by classically correlated beams, created by splitting thermal (or thermal-like) radiation.