Quantum Measurements and Operations for Criptography and Information Processing

Quantum Causality and Eventum Mechanics

aula DOTTORATO - MARTEDì 26 ottobre ore 9.30
  VIACHESLAV P. BELAVKIN, Nottingham University

> PRESENTATION: Viacheslav P. Belavkin, professor at Nottingham University, is one of the pioneers ofQuantum Probablity and Quantum Open Systems, and one of the leading experts in filtering theory and control in presence of classical and quantum noises. With V. P. Stratanovich he was awarded the Lenin Prize in 1996 for the development of new mathematical methods of stochastic analysis and calculus of complex physical processes both in classical and quantum open dynamical systems, which lead to the solution of a series of fundamental problems, in the mathematical foundation of non-linear non-equilibrium thermodynamics, information theory and statistics of classical and quantum processes, classical and quantum signal processing, and estimation and hypothesis testing.

Viacheslav P. Belavkin
  We argue that in conventional formalism of quantum mechanics and quantum information there is no place for events and therefore for causality as the cause of events.
Instead of adding phenomenological rules and tools like the reduction postulates and instruments to the conventional formalism, we show another possibility to rectify the situation by extending quantum mechanics to include also a classical part of the world which can be thought as a workable model of an xternal observer. The failure of all previous attempts to solve the “measurement problem” in this way is related to nonexistance at the reversible quantum-classical interaction. We prove that this difficulty can be avoided in the automorphic dynamics of the combined system is replaced by endomorphic dynamics which is the basic stochastic dynamics of eventum mechanics in the extended system.