Lorenzo Maccone

Dipartimento di Fisica "A. Volta",
Universita' di Pavia, via A. Bassi 6,
I-27100 Pavia (ITALY)

Tel.: +39-0382-987482
Mobile: +39-339-5907849

skype: lormaccone

email: maccone -at- qubit . it


Talk (in Italian) at the "Festival della Scienza di Genova" La Scienza della Fantascienza dei viaggi nel tempo (on youtube)

Research activities and Interests
Theoretical quantum optics and quantum information.

I am a theoretical physicist, mainly interested in the study of fundamental aspects and of practical applications of Quantum Mechanics. My research activity has been chiefly devoted to quantum optics, quantum theory of measurement and quantum information theory. I am an associate professor at the University of Pavia (Italy).

Some of the scientific interests I have recently pursued:

* Quantum parameter estimation: quantum positioning, quantum metrology, interferometric tunability of the absorption, quantum imaging, quantum illumination.
* Quantum foundations: information-disturbance tradeoffs, quantum thermodynamics, quantum descriptions of closed timelike curves, quantum reference frames.
* Quantum computation: quantum Random Access Memory, quantum optical computation, quantum solution to the Ulam problem.
* Quantum cryptography: secure database interrogation: the QPQ cryptographic primitive, quantum cryptographic ranging, quantum cryptographic protocol for the communication of reference frames.
* Quantum state reconstruction: theoretical analysis and proposal of tomographic procedures for optical systems and systems with SU(1,1) and SU(2) symmetries, contribution to generalized tomography, application of quantum tomography to classical imaging.
* Experimental proposals: Liouvillian superoperator measurement, optical Schroedinger cat, optical Fock state synthesis-measurement.
* Entanglement, uses: quantum clock synchronization with dispersion cancellation, dynamical evolution of composite systems, conversion between speakable and unspeakable information.
* Entanglement, new sources: difference-beam state.
* Quantum-channel capacities: entanglement assisted capacity of bosonic channels, classical capacity of bosonic and Gaussian channels, waveguide capacity, ultimate limits to channel capacity, decoding schemes for achieving the classical capacity.
* Numerical simulations: Monte-Carlo simulations of laser master and Fokker Plank equations, Monte-Carlo simulations of numerous tomographic schemes.
* Clock synchronization: conveyor belt clock synchronization protocol, limits to synchronization in the presence of decoherence.
* Divulgation of Quantum Physics.
Institutional and Professional Service
From September 2010: Associate professor at the Universita' di Pavia.

June 2010-September 2010: Faculty Guest at the Los Alamos National Laboratories

June 2009-June 2010: Visiting scientist at the Research Laboratory of Electronics at MIT.

February-June 2009: Visiting scientist at the ISI (Institute for Scientific Interchange) in Torino.

From December 2004: 4 year position as a Contract professor in Pavia University, teaching the course of Quantum optics and the part on Quantum Mechanics foundations in the course of Foundations of Physics (formerly Epistemology of Physics).

March 2004-December 2004: Postdoctoral Associate in QUIT, the Quantum Information theory group of Pavia University.

November 2000-January 2004: Postdoctoral Associate in the Research Laboratory of Electronics of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in the groups of Prof. J. H. Shapiro and Prof. S. Lloyd. This position was renewed three times: in November 2001, November 2002, and November 2003.

January 2000-November 2000: Postdoctoral fellowship for the PAIS project in the Quantum Optics and Information Group in Pavia University.

September 1996-December 13, 1999: Ph.D. in Physics (theoretical physics) in Pavia under the supervision of Prof. G. M. D'Ariano. Thesis ``Quantum tomography: methods and applications'', in which the theory and various applications of quantum state reconstruction techniques are analyzed.